Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, northernmost Norway

Denmark and Sweden were such a breath of fresh air. I had this strange wafting feeling that I'd come home. Quite odd. They all spoke to me in Danish or Swedish too, thinking I was Scandinavian. Lovely being amongst so many blondes! It was such fun have days with Karin and Peter - nothing like being shown around by the locals!

After a huge chaotic schmozzle at the airport here I arrived relatively easily at the Basecamp Spitsbergen Hotel. Longyearbyen had been cut off for 3 days because of fog, so there were many people; 600 arriving and 700 wanting to leave. And of course all had luggage, heaped up everywhere. One lady who was on my flight arrived at Basecamp 3 hours after I did - wasn't I lucky!

I went on a day trip on a small ice ship called Polar Girl, to visit both the Esmarkbreen Glacier, and Barentsburg. All very fascinating.

I'm frustrated with this blog. The photos aren't appearing together with the posts and I can't find how to shift them. And the last photos are large, while the one of Mark in Genova is small. ?? Emily! I need some help here. Ah well. Life could be more frustrating than this. I'll keep trying.

We leave this afternoon for Greenland, aboard the Polar Pioneer. I've met quite few of the other passengers, and many of us are sitting here at the Basecamp hotel lobby, waiting to be picked up for our tour of Longyearbyen. I doubt I'll be able to post another blog until Iceland - on the 20th August. Bye for now!

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