Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Started

Even getting this title was hard! But 'daring' describes how I'm feeling right now; as though I'm attempting something that is more than I'm easy about doing. Reading stories about people kayaking around Greenland is awe-inspiring, until I remember that that is part of what I'm setting out to do too - and then I feel scared. Scared of? The immensity of it all, the landscape, the ice, the snow, the wind and the freezing cold water. It's the beauty that makes me want to go, the randomness of it all, the perfection without imperatives, beauty without falseness and pretence. I love getting out into the wilderness. It's like a pulling, that draws me. Going beyond the known, to the unexpected, and seeing the gift in the unknown places. Discovering the unknown, and being part of it for a while. Italy - the Cinque Terre - and Mark. Denmark and Sweden - and Peter and Karin. Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland. England, with Mark again. Then Minneapolis, and Nancy and Paul. And onto Alaska, meeting Neville; travelling to Pr.William Sound, Prudhoe Bay, Juneau and Prince Rupert, the Colombia Icefield, Vancouver, Hawaii and home. But really, honestly, I can't wait!!!